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Popular Questions

Pre-sales Questions

Can you sell colour finished metals?
Yes this is an option but you would need to enquire with us first to see about the options available and prices
Can you advise me on which structural steel I require?
Most structural work needs to be calculated by an engineer and we can come and survey a project as part of a service we provide. Head over to our enquiry form and let us know about your project so we can assist you. Alternatively, you can call us on 0161 789 3904
Can i purchase custom lengths?
Yes, this is possible on most of the stock products we sell. Select the product options you require and if the item is available in custom lengths you will then be displayed a new field to fill in. The field will only let you input a valid length. e.g. You select a length of 2 metres this will then allow you to input any custom cut measurement from 0 - 2m like 1.26m
Can you create custom fabrications?
Yes at Bradweld we have the skills and equipment to carry out most metal fabrications. Please send us an enquiry and attach any drawings/plans you may have so we can take a look.

Delivery Questions

How soon can i expect my delivery?
Your delivery will be dependant on the particular order. We will confirm with you on receipt of your order and you will be notified on dispatch.
Which areas do you deliver to?
Currently, we only deliver within a 50 mile radius but we are constantly reviewing this as our online shop grows. You can always request a delivery outside this radius for certain quantities so please do enquire.

General Questions

Do you sell bolts and fasteners?
Yes, we sell all kinds of fasteners for your steelwork. Click bolts and fasteners to see our range
I have some plans to send you. What is the best method to get these to you?
We have an uploads section on the enquiry form. Uploads are limited to 15mb. If you have a file larger than this then please contact us and we can discuss retrieving these from you.
Reach us by email any time! We’ll do our best to respond as quickly as possible.
Talk to us directly for additional help immediate answers to your questions.