Moment Frame with Lantern Support

A specialised assembly commonly employed in structures demanding superior load-balancing and rotational flexibility. The lantern support adds an extra layer of stability and functionality, enabling the assembly to manage not just vertical and horizontal forces, but also torsional stresses. This ensures that the connection can bear significant weight while offering the adaptability to accommodate dynamic loading conditions. Widely used in applications ranging from large public arenas to intricate bridge designs, a steel moment connection with lantern support is a stellar example of how advanced engineering solutions can meet complex structural requirements.

Corner steelwork with internal structure

A versatile and robust solution often used in complex architectural designs. This type of assembly offers the dual advantage of not only reinforcing the external corner of the structure but also adding significant internal support. As a result, it greatly enhances the stability and load-bearing capacity of the entire building. The internal structure within the corner steelwork can often be adapted to accommodate various utilities and services, thereby making it a multi-functional cornerstone in modern construction projects. Whether in commercial high-rises or industrial complexes, this assembly is a prime example of engineering ingenuity meeting practical functionality.

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